SAIC students and faculty return to Igarai, Summer 2011, to do the 1.99 REAL Housing Project with Igarai residents

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Scraping, Sealing, Priming  60 meters.

Participants of last years project and newcomers from the neighborhood were eager to participate every single day.

We were shown personal collections of the towns historical symbols, like this Carro de boi.

Group Leaders, Grupo Tumm participants, passerby’s and the curious all grabbed a brush and contributed to the town mural.

A young artist from the neighborhood, who participated in last years project lived up to his nickname “Spiderman” as he would quickly climb anywhere to make sure every angle of the wall was painted properly.

Although we had great hot light in the morning, we had to battle the daily storms.

Some days were shortened, but at every chance of good weather, everyone eagerly showed back up willing to continue the project.


Grupo Tumm – Mococa, Grupo Tumm – Igarai, Mural Participants, Contributors, Town Politicians, Pastors, families, shop owners, the youth and the elderly gathered to show their support and announce the new historical mural that was made by the town of Igarai.

Point of Culture

Each one of us makes their own story, and every human being has the power of being happy

Jonathan Neumann, Karina Balbino, Brendan Hudson, TUNI Pinto

Igarai, Brasil .

The Global Canvas would like to thank all of the artists, musicians and volunteers that participated in our December Fundraiser. With their help we were able to raise $1200!


Wendy Melgar

Corinne Seguin

Spider Schergen


Dina Morelli

Bella Tolmasky

Juan Chavez

Kirsten Larson

Sarah Collins

Jeff Zimmerman

Brendan Hudson

8 Trak & NME

Emily Flores & Family

Gabriel Enriquez & Family

Also view the video that was made last session. Made by Renato Kerr

To cap off the entire project / workshops, some of the Grupo TUMM members, Isac and local friends came together for a breakdance battle, separated in a team vs. team platform.